The client initially provided a set of website templates and entrusted Sibú Digital with the intricate task of revamping all pages within their existing website framework. A paramount requirement from the client was to ensure that the website remained fully editable within the current Content Management System (CMS) framework.

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This stipulation was pivotal as it aimed to eliminate the need for any future external development work, except in cases where an entirely new section with a unique design would be warranted. However, the challenge arose from the fact that the existing website, despite being on a CMS, lacked the requisite setup to grant the client control for in-CMS editing.

Fresh eggs, and wheat in a close up angle. Fresh eggs, and wheat in a close up angle. Fresh eggs, and wheat in a close up angle.


Our approach involved concurrent workflows. One dedicated development team focused on refining the CMS setup to ensure full client autonomy while preserving essential functionality. Simultaneously, another team collaborated closely with the client’s design and UX experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of critical functionality and business requirements. This collaborative effort was particularly pivotal, given that our work was based on a limited number of templates rather than comprehensive designs.

  1. With a deep understanding, we made important functionality decisions with some independence. We employed a phased approach with agile sprints, enabling the client to provide feedback weekly or bi-weekly. We leveraged these insights to enhance efficiency and optimization in subsequent sprints.

  2. Upon project completion, we provided thorough documentation and tailored training sessions to empower the client with the desired level of website control. This ensured they could confidently manage their website, fostering autonomy and operational efficiency.


The culmination of our efforts materialized in the staged release of the website, albeit with some timeline adjustments necessitated by the CMS reconfiguration. Nonetheless, this strategic approach furnished our client with complete sovereignty over their website. Consequently, they can now implement updates and modifications without relying on external assistance, culminating in a cost-effective and self-sustaining digital platform.

This achievement aligns seamlessly with the client’s objectives of long-term efficiency and autonomy, underscoring our commitment to delivering solutions that transcend immediate needs and endure over time.

A group of chickens standing in a farm.
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Enjoy the benefits of working with the best digital team

Enjoy the benefits of working with the best digital team

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